Four tiny kittens, their eyes barely opened, were dumped outside one of our board member’s home.  Dedicated volunteers kept them alive the first few days with hand feeding .  We then placed them with a rescued lactating cat, who already had six babies of her own!  We supplemented the mother’s feeding with bottles, and all ten kittens thrived.  After a couple of months, all four of the orphans were neutered, vaccinated, and placed in loving homes.  What a great success story for these little ones!




Arena & babies
Arena is a semi-feral young mother cat who was brought to us in March with her 6 newborn kittens. We were able to house the entire family (Tom, Gris, Mermelada, Negrita, Pancho, and Estrella) until all the babies were old enough to be neutered. They were with us for around 2 months, and all were placed in homes in Barra or Melaque. We are happy that none of these kittens will continue reproducing, and are proud to be controlling the pet population in our region.

Bonbon is an amazing little kitten who was abandoned shortly after birth in Barra. He was taken to the local vets who hand-fed him for 2 days before they contacted Pro Animal Melaque for assistance. As luck would have it, we had a resident mother cat (Arena) who was weaning her 6 kittens. We placed Bonboncito, just a tiny little thing, with her and she readily accepted him. We were able to keep him with the mother cat long after her kittens were removed and placed in new homes, and she was an excellent mother to him. When Bonboncito was old enough, we had him neutered. He was then placed with a new family in Melaque.

TIGRE was abandoned in Barra when he was very young, along with his  3 sisters (Yuri, Yuki, and Yuli).  They were rescued & fostered by kindhearted people who gave them a safe place to grow up. The quadruplets came to Pro Animal Melaque when their foster family had to return to the US. They stayed with us for a couple of weeks until they were old enough to be neutered, and then we found them permanent families. Tigre is living in Villa Obregon, and his sisters all found homes in the Barrio in Barra.


Frida, Diego & Panda
Frida, Diego & Panda were among the seven kittens brought to us by a rescuer in la Manzanilla.  The arrived during our summer flood of kittens—we had 17 at one time!  We were happy to help out with sterilizing them and finding them good homes.  Frida & Panda got to stay together with their new family in Jaluco, and Diego was welcomed into his new home in Melaque.

frida, diego & panda

Cielo, Copita, Mancha & Botas
These four kittens were removed from their mother in Jaluco much too early, and were left with us to find them homes.  We tracked down the mother and were able to keep her with them so that they could grow strong under her care.  We hosted the entire family for a few weeks, and then spayed their mother and returned her to her owner in Jaluco.  When the kittens were old enough, all four were neutered and placed in new homes.

Sol & Luna
Sol and Luna were rescued in Manzanillo by a young woman who couldn’t keep them.  When she couldn’t find any local  help with their neutering or placement, she contacted Pro Animal Melaque.   We were happy to help her out, so she brought these two sisters to one of our volunteers.  They were already old enough to be spayed, so we immediately arranged for their surgery.  Following a brief recovery, we were happy to place them with a family full of kids in Barra.

sol & luna



In early February 2012, Robin was rescued from the Barrio in Barra de Navidad, with a badly mangled foot which required medical attention. Our vet decided that he needed to amputate the foot, and we had Robin neutered at the same time. 

After his surgery, Robin spent 32 nights at our shelter during his recovery. He is such a noble dog! We were able to place him with a caring family back in Barra, not far from where he was initially rescued. Robin is a great success story!


Luna is a sweet pup who was being abused by some kids in the street in Melaque. Other kinder boys rescued her and took her to the vet, who referred them to Pro Animal Melaque. She had a serious intestinal infection which the vet cleared up with proper medicine, and we were able to get rid of her ticks.  With some good food and proper care, she turned into a beautiful young dog!  When she was healthy again we had her spayed, and then she was welcomed into a new home in El Ranchito.


Palomo was rescued in Jaluco, he was emaciated, had serious mange & severe malnutrition. Despite our best efforts to save him, he only survived for 4 days under the care of our veterinarian and volunteers. Not all of our rescues are success stories, but we know it is necessary to try to help animals with very serious problems, and at the very least give them comfort in their final days.


Tamara belonged to a family from Guadalajara who left her behind in Melaque after a weekend at the beach. One of our volunteers rescued her from the street and tracked the family down. They said they'd come for her,  but after several months it became apparent that they had no intention of returning for her. She had a few medical issues (intestinal infection), so we treated that & also spayed her. She was adopted by a family in La Pinal who are completely in love with her!


Violeta & Fiona
These sister pups part of a large litter abandoned in Careyes in June 2012.  The people who found them were able to place the others, but these final two were brought to Pro Animal Melaque.   They were generally healthy, but were covered in ticks & had some skin issues. We removed  hundreds of ticks from them and after several baths they were clean, playful, healthy pups. Both Fiona and Violeta were spayed, wormed & received their puppy vaccinations. After a month in our care, we placed each of them in a new home.

violeta & fiona

Toby was attacked by a larger dog which dragged him in its jaws down the street in Villa Obregon. Neighbors managed to chase the aggressor away, but a badly injured Toby crawled under a car and was left to fend for himself. After two days, someone contacted Pro Animal Melaque and we rushed to his aid. He could barely move, had neither food nor water for more than 48 hours, and his hind leg was swollen & infected. Our veterinarian was able to tend to his wounds, including multiple bites & a fractured toe. He also received a nice haircut & bath. As you can see, Toby is a beautiful spaniel and made an amazing recovery. We  were happy to find a perfect home for him in Barra.


Muñeca & Pups

Muñeca is a beautiful  one-year-old  apricot colored poodle and when we met her she had two young pups. Her family relocated to Barra from Mexico City, but found themselves on hard economic times and were unable to provide for their beloved pet.  The vet from Barra contacted Melaque to assist in finding new homes for these lovely dogs. We were happy to help, and found good homes for all three. We spayed Muñeca prior to placing her, and arranged for the pups to be neutered as well when they were old enough.


Cinco was one of our first rescued dogs. He was found  emaciated, in a weakened state and barely able to walk, and he had a bad case of mange.  He was found along the andador in Villa Obregon and was at risk from the crocodiles.  His intestinal infection was treated with antibiotics, and he also received treatment for mange. His weight rose from 5 lbs to 7 lbs in about 3 months. We canvassed the neighborhood and no one knew him and we also posted flyers all around but received no response. One of our members chose to adopt him, and he has turned into a beautiful dog! 


Apple is a 5-month old chihuahua who was abandoned at the vet with a serious case of pyodermatitis, an even worse case of roundworm, and a thriving colony of fleas & ticks. He was a mess. The vet asked Pro Animal Melaque to take charge of him, and he spent about a month with us. With proper medicine and a lot of loving care, all the health issues cleared up. Apple found a new home in Seattle, Washington and his new family adores him!


Dulce was rescued by one of our volunteers  from the street  in Cihuatlán with a seriously injured leg.  Our veterinarian determined that the damaged leg could not be saved, and offered to amputate it without charge to our group.  He explained that Dulce’s mobility and balance  be much better with the leg removed.  She also had a venereal tumor that required treatment.  Dulce made an amazing recovery from her surgery, and soon we were able to have her spayed as well.  When we were ready to place her, she hit the jackpot with a new home in La Manzanilla with Karen & Omar.  Be sure to check out our video which shows Dulce’s rescue & recovery.



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