spaying and neutering


Our policy is to spay or neuter each animal that we place in a new home. With support from the State of Jalisco, we also hold Free Spay & Neuter Clinics several times each year, providing free sterilization to hundreds of animals at no charge.

Why Spay & Neuter?
Groups like Pro Animal Melaque, who spend a lot of time rescuing at-risk dogs and cats, offer the most compelling reason for spaying & neutering:  appalling pet overpopulation that leads to so many abused & abandoned animals.

Additional benefits from spaying & neutering pets include:

Better health
A animal that is spayed or neutered has no chance of developing uterine or testicular cancer.

Better behaviour
Male dogs & cats that are neutered when young are much less likely to roam, mark their territory with urine, and show aggression toward other males. They don’t go looking for females in heat.

Easier care
An unspayed female dog generally goes into heat 2 times per year, and bleeds for about 10 straight days each heat. There is the added nuisance of all the male dogs that are attracted to her scent and congregate outside her door. An unspayed female cat general goes into heat 3 times a year and attracts a lot of yowling males, who often fight over her.

Easier training
Altered animals are generally more docile & easier to train. They are less distracted by their mating instincts.

Community benefits
By reducing the number of strays, there are numerous benefits to the community. There is less animal waste in the streets, less garbage torn into, less damage to property, fewer attacks on wildlife.

What exactly is spay and neuter?

A spay is the surgical removal of a female animal's reproductive organs so she cannot become pregnant.

A neuter is the surgical removal of a male animal's testicles so that he cannot impregnate a female.

The surgeries are performed by a veterinarian while animals are under general anesthesia so that they do not feel any pain. An animal may experience some discomfort after the surgery, but most recover very quickly from the operations.

We can spay or neuter animals as young as 8 weeks of age.

Here is a link to a spay & neuter process video:


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